Response Ability

The scale of the waste challenge at times appears insurmountable. By focusing on what is possible and moving towards that we shift the single use paradigm one straw, plate and cup at a time.

Opportunity knocks.

What do I need?

1. Enthusiasm, passion and initiative

2. A Volunteer and WAW Coordinator (See below for details on volunteers)

3. A back up person to cover the coordinator role.

4. A mains pressure tap that allows a hose connection. (water trailer available)

5. An electrical power point to supply 240V AC.

6. A waterproof tent with openable sides is recommended for shade and in case of rain.

- 1 x (3m x 6m) or 2 x (3mx3m) tent to keep volunteers out of the sun and rain. -

7. Somewhere to responsibly dispose of waste water.

How many people can the system cater for?

Our trailers are modular so if you've a huge event we can scale to handle it.

With over 100 successful events catered for we have seen the trailer and 8-10 passionate volunteers handle festivals with 15,000 visitors and 7-10 food vendors. Remember catering companies have their own single use supply so if the the WAW is at capacity the food and drinks keep flowing...

Is this OH&S compliant?

Keep Cup founder Abigail Forsyth puts it well:

"We had to get legal advice from one of the leading law firms in Melbourne saying that using a reusable cup would not contravene the health regulations,".

If you've ever slept in a hotel you would know that intimate contact with reusable items isn't as bad as it sounds.. As long as they wash them of course!

Melbourne's water supply is clean and safe, one of the steps in our process sees everything rinsed in water above 74 degrees eliminating the risk of water borne pathogens.

Two GP's who recently volunteered for a wash team gave it a big thumbs up.


Wash Against Waste works because people are willing to take responsibility in addressing the waste associated with single use culture. Volunteers shifts should be short and people can rotate between roles. The conversations that arise in these settings are inspirational and we are hopeful for our first WAW borne wedding as a result of a sink side connection.

What's with all the plastic!?

Many of the tableware items we provide with our trailer are made from plastic.

We get it plastic is recyclable, but this system is in crisis all over the world.

We use plastic because it’s lightweight, virtually unbreakable and fit for purpose. It has low embodied energy in manufacture, and exact tolerances, which reduces waste on the factory floor. It’s also lightweight and stackable, which reduces the environmental cost of freight and makes it much easier to work with.

They put it where?

We charge for lost dishes and equipment. This can add $10-250+ to the invoiced amount.

To control this cost we encourage you to educate everyone on site on the use of WAW. This includes food vendors, security, event staff, MC’s and visitors. Please also remind people not to take anything home and to put reusable items into the washing baskets provided.

Referral system

Did you know that we offer rewards for existing supporters who can introduce us to new events?

Provide us with three confirmed bookings from within your networks and get a free hire!

Get in touch to find out more.

what else can we do?

were constantly learning of new ways to redefine best practice in the event area if you have idea about other things people can do to improve their events performance get in touch we'd love to hear from you...

Where can I find volunteers?

Local Lions Club

Easy and Fun activity

Organisers get a single point of contact

Low impact way for their members to contribute for a great cause

Cub Scouts

Teaches Responsibly

Attention to detail.


Health and Safety

Food Security


Local Business

Team building

Shared positive impact.

Brand presence and affiliation

What is in the trailer?

The Trailer is a complete tableware transportation and mobile washing up station!

Plates 9" 23cm

MUG's 300ml

Tea Cups 230ml

Bowls 9" 23cm

Plates 9" 23cm

Bowls 6.3" 16cm

If you are an individual within a larger organisation that is leading the shift to reusable solutions to manage waste we salute you. If you have questions, doubts or are facing push back please get in touch with us so we can co create documents and learning resources to help you engage your coworkers, management teams and extended community to help in the journey to normalise reusable culture as soon as possible. I promise you the first Wash Against Waste event you hold is the most difficult and once your across the line you will join the many supporters who have used the system for over eight years running.

Let's do it!

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