Wash Against Waste

Helping eliminate single use waste by providing events with reusable cups, plates and cutlery.

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Wash Against Waste (WAW) is a single use alternative that significantly reduces waste at events. Food vendors serve food in the provided reusable cups, plates and bowls, which are returned by visitors to be washed and used again. A team of people distribute clean items, collect used items and wash them. The WAW trailer contains everything needed to service an event, including plates, bowls, cups and cutlery as well as a hot water system, wash tubs and trestle tables.

It's a fantastically simple system that is fuelled with volunteer spirit. Many people volunteer specifically for wash against waste over consecutive years. It's an easy, safe, social system and a perfect place to meet new friends and make connections.

Reuse is a simple inspiring way forward.

Food service businesses large and small the world over are shifting to reduce or eliminate waste with philosophical, financial and legislative mojo inspiring the change.

Were moving!

Wash Against Waste has been successfully used at over 200 events. Recently industry suppliers are offering plant based single use alternatives and municipalities are getting composting happening on a large scale. At Wash Against Waste we are doing our bit humanising, localising and participating in another way.

We all do it at home, we do it at work why not at events?

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