Hello 2019!

Wash Against Waste is a fun activity that you can participate in to reduce waste and build connection between participants...

Wash Against Waste (WAW) is a reusable alternative to disposable containers.

Food vendors serve food in reusable plates and bowls, which are returned by visitors to be washed by a team of volunteers and reused - no waste! The WAW trailer contains everything needed to service an event and is available for hire anywhere in Victoria.

If you have a specific event that you want to book in please check the calendar below for availability. Then go ahead and complete the booking form and we will get in touch (typically within 4 days) to confirm.

As we are gaining momentum with the Wash Against Waste concept we are really keen to get feedback from people in the catering industry. We would appreciate it if you could direct them to our Industry Survey page. We are trying to get as many voices heard as possible.

Wash on!

Andrew Rance waw@slf.org.au

Wash Against Waste - Melbourne

Text or Call (8am - 8pm) 0400 229 184

Check out our video with the eco superstar Costa.

2018 A Big Year for Waste

The momentum towards addressing single use culture exploded globally in 2018. Wash Against Waste (established 2000) has been catapulted into talking circles everywhere and we are seeing people from all over get on board with this opportunity to achieve the best case outcome for their family and community at events of all sizes and scales.

If you ready to activate WAW at your next event make an enquiry below and let's discuss your requirements.

The Waste Hierarchy

Were moving!

WAW was started by some deep green innovators back in the 90's and since then it's seen a fair bit of action with use at over 200 events. Recently industry suppliers are offering plant based single use alternatives and municipalities are getting composting happening on a large scale. At Wash Against Waste we are doing our bit humanising, localising and participating in another way. Food service businesses large and small the world over are shifting to reduce or eliminate waste with philosophical, financial and legislative mojo inspiring the change.

How WAW works

It's a fantastically simple system that is fuelled with volunteer spirit. Many people volunteer specifically for WAW over consecutive years. It's an easy, safe, social system and a perfect place to meet new friends and have a good chat.



Currently we have one trailer available in the Melbourne please check the dates of your event below...